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How To Hop Up Chevrolet & GMC Engines

How To Hop Up Chevrolet & GMC Engines

How To Hop Up Chevrolet & GMC Engines

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Speed tuning theory and practice, costs, horsepower and torque for 1937-54 Chevrolet 6s, plus the 228, 248, and 270 GMC engines. Fitting the block, stock and special Wayne and Horning cylinder heads, rocker arms, pushrods, cams, boring for larger pistons, rings, drilled crank-shafts, intake manifolds, exhaust headers, ignitions and superchargers. Shows classic speed equipment developed and manufactured by Barker, Belond, Besasie, Champion, Clark, Edelbrock, Edmunds, Chet Herbert, Hilborn, Horning, Howard, Iskenderian, Italmeccanica, JE Pistons, Mallory, McGurk, Newhouse, Nicson, Spalding, Tattersfield, Venolia, Vertex, Wayne, Wico and Zoller. Explains the Chevy power family, the paths to power, block modifications and assembly, estimating horsepower, planning the job to get the most performance for your money. Clearances and general operating instructions are provided for the Wayne-equipped engine. One section is devoted to the GMC 6-cylinder engine. Reprinted from the original 1951 edition. A classic guide for any auto buff's library.

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Chevrolet Inline Six Cylinder Power Manual - Second Edition
Chevrolet Inline Six-Cylinder Power Manual - Second Edition